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The Rehabilitation of Residential Buildings.

The rehabilitation of residential buildings is one of the real estate activities that most satisfies real estate professionals, be they architects, engineers, developers and, of course, their owners and tenants, since we can combine all traditional buildings with signs of their own identity, with all the advantages that design, technologies and constructive qualities that contribute to improving the life of those who enjoy these unique and exclusive homes, all in addition in normally downtown locations where space is unrepeatable.



To define the rehabilitation activity, we have to base ourselves on the general principle of recovering and improving their living conditions, something that may be too poor given the expectations that can be generated. However, from the technical point of view it is very reassuring for the users of the building that the rehabilitation is going to:

– Ensure the structural security of the building and their dwelling

– Optimize living conditions

– Adapt and allow accessibility for the elderly or those with mobility problems

– Improve energy efficiency with lower environmental impact and savings in consumption.

It is therefore very important that companies and professionals who manage these types of processes have proven experience and master the basic concepts and information related to the actions to be developed:

– Preliminary analysis

– Identification of possible lesions and pathological processes

– Aging of the building or its adjoining buildings

– Previous actions

– Elaboration of a diagnosis

– Techniques of repair, rehabilitation and restoration in its case

– Decisions according to the particularities of each building and the applicable regulations.

In addition, the rehabilitation of buildings provides the opportunity for our elderly and people with mobility problems, to take the necessary measures to guarantee their accessibility without having to change neighborhoods, more often when dealing with actions with a reduced number of houses, greater care can be taken of the project and the individual needs of the end user of the house.



This is especially important when, in Spain, more than half of the homes were built before 1980, more than 5 million homes are more than 50 years old, it is estimated that some 950,000 buildings are in poor condition and only 23% of these buildings are accessible.

All of the above is what Mistral is implementing in its projects.

We intend to rescue buildings, reinvent them and give them a second life, respecting their historical and protected identity, but adapting them to our times, benefiting from the opportunities granted by the most innovative technologies applied to architecture, design and construction.

This way, the building will have in its external skin all the presence of the history of the city where it is located, but the owners will enjoy in their homes a careful design with modern spirit and the best qualities and it is that, the secret of the Exclusivity, that is uniting the flavor of history with avant-garde design.


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