We do not want to imitate the market, so we orient our interest in creating new and extraordinary spaces, focusing on studying them from the perspective of a great design.

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We have more than 20 years of experience in the real estate sector directing and managing in a comprehensive way the development real estate projects.


Mistral is born of the concern of a group of professionals with a long experience in the management of residential projects and of their conviction that the design and the quality define a differential product.


We believe in the housing and spaces that coexist with the well-being of the planet reducing emissions and contaminants.


We look for the highest quality of construction that provides a superior value to our Customers and Investors, controlling each stage with respect to the objectives envisaged with a special attention to detail and finishes that favor the satisfaction of its final owners.


Every customer is unique. Your home too. That is why we have as our aim that each space meets the different needs of its future owners.


We follow the spaces we create to help the owner find a way to create their perfect home and solve all their concerns.<br />

Lifetime Places

Our services aim to create personal, modern, current and functional spaces. We do not create houses, we create Homes.

Real Estate Management

We acquire assets to create new and extraordinary spaces, focusing on studying them from the perspective of a great design. We offer a premium product that provides a superior value to our Customers and Investors.


In collaboration with designers and renowned Architecture studios, we work to define a new standard in residential developments. We do not want to imitate the market, so we orient our interest in creating new and extraordinary spaces.


We are convinced that now more than ever there is a demand in the real estate market which is more reflective and demanding, which leads us to firmly believe in the power of design and the execution of an exceptional product that allows for the  creation of a lifestyle wedded to beauty and a consciousness of the details.

Integral Management of Real Estate Projects

We help to achieve the success of projects by planning, directing and controlling all areas of the real estate process, contributing as added value a great know how of the market accompanied by the best strategy to meet the expectations of our clients.


Aware of the fact that a real estate project is a multidisciplinary work, in which professionals from different areas must work in a transversal way communicating ideas, making proposals, actively participating in the work of others and, ultimately, collaborating permanently so that the sum of the Individual skills result in a successful result. At Mistral we bring about a permanent interaction between the members of our team, ensuring that all projects meet the highest expectations of our clients.

This is achieved through a careful selection of the best professionals both internal and external for each project, because each one is unique and different, and we do it thinking not only in their skills but in their ability to cooperate.

In addition, Mistral brings great value to the previous planning and design, analyzing all possible variables and alternatives in order to have a well-defined strategy that can be monitored to obtain the expected result.

What do they say about us?

These are some opinions of clients, investors and professionals with whom we have collaborated.

"Valor por el diseño"

Lo que más me gusta de Mistral es esa empatía y necesidad por introducir el buen diseño en nuestras vidas. Eso es algo que aprecio de cualquier empresa, porque si tienes un problema, ellos estudiarán la forma para resolverlo de la mejor manera. Eso es el diseño. Solución a problemas mezclando estética y funcionalidad.

Eloy Rodriguez
Collaborator - CARADEKID

"El éxito está asegurado"

Si yo tuviera que depositar mis sueños y los de mi familia, sin margen para el error o la confusión, lo haría sin duda en MISTRAL. Lo haría porque he tenido el privilegio de trabajar casi 20 años con el equipo que lo gestiona y me consta que la profesionalidad y el compromiso es marca de la casa. Sin duda el éxito está asegurado.

Guillermo Fernández Durán
Architect - Partner-Director ESTUDIO SEGUI